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What building can you do? When I try get something done it’s depressing having to source a plumber for plumbing a tiler for tiling an electrician for electrics etc. People need a one stop shop. Does Capabuild do this?

Yes, we are a ‘one stop shop’. We provide all the labour required and the building materials. We co-ordinate the various sub-contractors so that they are programmed to fit in with each other and co-operate, this is a very important part of the success or otherwise of a renovation project.


We want to upgrade our whole house eventually, but can’t afford to do it all at once. What is the best way to go about this?

Work out the big picture result that you want to achieve in the end. Then start with an area that feels most important to your family. Get all the messy, dirty work done at once, including floor finishes.  Decorating can be delayed if necessary.


Why are building quotes often so varied?

It’s a common problem. The best way to understand your building quote and make the best decision between them is to set out clear parameters in your brief.  Make sure you have an all-inclusive ‘Scope of Works’. The builder must know exactly what he is expected to do. Don’t leave things open to interpretation as the builder will usually “cover” himself for items that are not fully detailed or explained.

The next point to consider is specification. Without specification, builders would not be quoting on the same things, right from the quality of the bricks to the windows or paint to door locks and floor finishes. Some builders might be going the really cheap route while others may be quoting on a much higher quality product.

Make sure your quote is itemized so that you can make direct comparisons on demolition, foundations, brickwork, plastering etc. This will also give you the opportunity to see where one builder has a big mark-up on any particular item which you can then negotiate relative to other builders’ prices. 


Do you source finishes and specialist suppliers if required?

Some clients like to be involved very closely with the renovation process and shop for finishes themselves.  Others like to just hand over and get on with their busy lives. We can adapt to both styles.  If help with finishes is required, it can be facilitated with brochures, photos and recommendations and be delivered to site without the hassle of shopping.


What ‘green building’ practices can you implement?

In a simple way we like to recommend reusing items wherever possible.  Good examples are doors, windows and cupboard carcasses that are in good condition.  We also install grey water systems, rainwater tanks for runoff and solar heating.


Is it always cost effective to re use items when renovating?

Not necessarily.  The labour required to re-fashion things can end up costing more than buying new items.  Also the result can be disappointing when seen against the new work.