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We are no traditional building company!

Due to our high attentiveness to detail and fastidious preference to have a complete hands-on approach, we only take on 1 - 2 large projects at a time, with a minor works in between. We like to give a high quality of work output and for that to happen we believe that we can’t have our attention split between too many projects at once. We also know what we are good at working on and with whom we fit well. We want to work with people that have our same work methodology and value system. This is very important to us.

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What's your need?

I have a small renovation
(and a tight budget)

Single room renovation, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc

I have a
maintenance need

Maintenance repairs, such as painting, roof repairs, retiling, etc.

I want it all
(turnkey solution)

Brand new builds – full renovation and construction.