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We are big believers in encouraging skills development wherever possible and always make sure we use those with specific skill sets for specific projects i.e. painting, brickwork, etc. Many of our workers are particularly talented and we let them shine whenever we can. Our permanent team are registered with the BIBC (Building Industry Bargaining Council) as required. Here they receive necessary benefits such has sick and holiday pay, pension fund and a bonus. We encourage a positive working relationship with the BIBC for both Capabuild and our staffs benefit.

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The Workforce

More than just Capable Builders


Libby’s background is diverse and interesting, and with experience as in EMS for a few years, it is no wonder she is able to tackle hair-raising problems in a calm and meticulous manner. Libby has worked as an Executive Assistant and managed the project administration for large off-grid generator modular systems in the mining sector. After a blessed year home with her children, Danny and Charlotte, she was up for a new challenge to keep her on her toes. She is well-equipped with the right skills to run Capabuild and we look forward to watching her take the business from strength to strength.

Libby believes strongly in giving back to the community either by celebrating staff birthdays, going the extra mile for Mandela Day, or sponsoring underprivileged tours.


Danielle and Libby have a long history together, dating back to 2011, where they met through a mutual connection. They hit it off immediately and when Libby took over Capabuild, it was an obvious choice to include Danielle. Danielle has a background in Financial Management, having completed her studies in 2010. She started off as the Accounts Clerk and has worked her way up to the more senior role of Financial Manager, handling everything related to banking, capturing, submissions, tax and wages. She is, essentially, the money guru for Capabuild, keeping the business end together as well as being the in-office support for Libby, so that her project report process is always sound.

Danielle understands numbers and has the ability to take one glance at a report and know that something just isn’t right. Her goal, within Capabuild, is to help the business prosper by focusing on the financial aspect, which is vital for healthy growth. To aid her journey, she will be studying cost management soon as well as getting to know the construction industry better so to best advise.

Danielle is also the proud Mom of a blended family and baby Judah, born in March. She is a God-send!


Jean is our Team Leader and Site Manager and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge he has gathered since 2010. His speciality is managing teams of workers, understanding how the intricate dynamics of a construction project can evolve and change, and uses his savvy and know-how to ensure that all runs as planned. Jean is Libby’s ears, eyes and sensible head out in the field, and plans to add value by keeping her informed of all that transpires, managing the team with a firm but fair hand, and helping bring back repeat customers.

Jean strength lies in using his engineering background to analyse situations, find solutions and ensure positive outcomes.


Igshaan & Arthur

Igshaan is our highly regarded carpenter and Arthur his amazing helper. Whether it be door or window installations, ironmongery roofing or general works, Shaan and Arthur are able to tackle it to exceptional standards.


Zain, Gammie & Amien

Amien and Zain are our 2nd Site Managers. Amien is responsible for the demolishing of foundations and brickworks, and Zain deals with the 2nd phase duties of plaster, painting, finishing and the likes. Gammie is Zain's 2nd in charge.

the boys

The Boys - Garnett, Willie, Musa, Gift, Thomas

Fondly known as "The Boys", we have Willy, Thomas, Garnett and Gift, who are our labourers. They hall rubble and bricks, cut back roots, mix plaster and paint, and all the general prep and tidy up work needed. We couldn’t manage without them!