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Image of a Pyrite (AKA Fool's Gold) Nugget Color After you've gained some experience with gold panning and prospecting, you should easily be able to tell the difference between pyrite and real gold simply by looking at its color.

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Pyrite is often called "Fool's Gold," though there is nothing foolish about this mineral. Within its gleaming beauty is a stone of hidden fire, one that can be sparked to life by striking it … . Iron Pyrite

Iron Pyrite is iron disulfide, with a hardness of 6-6.5. Iron pyrite is known as a stone of protection. Iron pyrite corresponds to the astrological sign of Leo. We have iron pyrite spheres, suns, specimens on matrix, and clusters. Iron pyrite is commonly known as fool's gold.

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Hello, I finally managed to get some iron pyrite for my cat's whiskers detector, and now, after reading it's characteristics, I see that it won't...

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Iron Pyrite ( Fools Gold ) Pyrite is the classic "Fool's Gold". There are other shiny brassy yellow minerals, but pyrite is by far the most common and the most often mistaken for gold .

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Pyrite is made up of iron and sulfur and is one of the best known minerals that are named "Fool's Gold" because only a fool could believe they are gold! . Whether it is the golden look or something else, pyrite is a favorite among rock collectors.

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Pyrite or iron pyrite is also used to name Iron sulphide. Also, Fool's gold is another name for Pyrite. The word Pyrite is a Greek word; the word pyr means fire.

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­Pyrite, the most common sulfide material, comes from a Greek word meaning "a stone which strikes fire." Its metallic luster and brass-yellow color has earned it the moniker you have probably heard before, "fool's gold. Being used as an ore of iron for centuries, pyrite can be found in some jewelry or as a novelty collector's item.

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Most commonly it is thought of in relation to the gold-coloured mineral pyrite, and geochemist David Rickard delves into the mineral's role throughout human history in Pyrite: a natural history of fool's gold.

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The novelty aspect of iron pyrite has seen it sold in stores as a fun item for kids to own – even though they're aware it's not gold, it can be fun to own a chunk of "fool's gold" that bears a strong resemblance to a gold nugget.

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Pyriteis the classic "Fools Gold". There are other Shiny brassy yellow minerals, but pyrite is by far the most common and the most often mistaken for gold. Pyrite (Iron Pyrite) "Fools Gold"

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But maybe I tried to trick you with this sample, which looks a lot more like gold, but is still pyrite. Now that is proper fool's gold for fooling people with! Image courtesy Rob Lavinsky, iRocks ...

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Gold is a very soft metal and will bend or break when you do this; iron pyrite is much harder and won't budge. If you have a 10x magnifier (or loupe), examine your find closely. Pyrite has a cubic structure; gold …

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A whole pound of nice, shiny iron pyrite (fools gold.) These are a perfect substitute for teaching about panning for gold. Also great for scavenger hunts and mining activities.

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Gold nugget Pyrite Pyrite is often mistaken for gold because it is brassy yellow, although most gold is bright orange-yellow. But similarity in color is about all pyrite and gold have in common. Pyrite ... Pyrite (Fool's Gold): An Often Misunderstood Iron-Sulfide Mineral GEONotes.

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Pyrite: Pyrite, a naturally occurring iron disulfide mineral. The name comes from the Greek word pyr, "fire," because pyrite emits sparks when struck by steel. Pyrite is called fool's gold because its colour may deceive the novice into thinking he has discovered a gold nugget. Nodules of pyrite have been

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Pyrite also known as Fool's Gold and Iron Pyrite is gold in color. ... Hypnotic Gems Materials: 1 lb Pyrite Fools Gold Small Stones from Peru - 1/2" to 1" Avg - Raw Natural Rough Crystals for Cabbing, Tumbling, Lapidary, Polishing, Wire Wrapping, Wicca & Reiki Healing

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Fool's Gold. Pyrite and gold can easily be distinguished. Gold is very soft and will bend or dent with pin pressure. Pyrite is brittle, and thin pieces will break with pin pressure. ... Uses of Pyrite. Pyrite is composed of iron and sulfur; however, the mineral does not serve as …

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"Fool's Gold" is technically known as pyrite or iron sulfide (FeS 2) and is one of the most common sulfide minerals. Sulfide minerals are a group of inorganic compounds containing sulfur and one or more elements. Minerals are defined by their chemistry and crystalline structure. Minerals that ...

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Pyrite is the classic "Fool's Gold". There are other shiny brassy yellow minerals, but pyrite is by far the most common and the most often mistaken for gold. Whether it is the golden look or something else, pyrite is a favorite among rock collectors.

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In spite of its nickname, "fool's gold," it often is associated with true gold; auriferous pyrite is a commercially important source of gold. Other metals that sometimes replace a part of the iron are cobalt, nickel, arsenic, and copper.

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Fool's gold fertilising the oceans: Microscopic particles of pyrite, otherwise known as fool's gold, spewing forth from deep-sea hydrothermal vents may be an important source of iron for marine organisms, according to new research published in Nature Geoscience.

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'Fool's gold' is an expression used to describe the mineral pyrite, sometimes called iron pyrite. The name fool's gold comes from when novice gold prospectors mistook tiny pieces of pyrite for ...

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Pyrite is more commonly known as fool's gold and is familiar to nearly every mineral collector. It has been used for centuries both in jewelry and as an ore of iron. It has been used for centuries both in jewelry and as an ore of iron.

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The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, also known as fool's gold, is an iron sulfide with the chemical formula FeS 2 (iron(II) disulfide). Pyrite is considered the most common of the sulfide minerals. Pyrite's metallic luster and pale brass-yellow hue give it a superficial resemblance to gold, hence the well-known nickname of fool's gold.


Pyrite is commonly referred to as 'Fool's Gold'. There are other similar gold-like minerals, but pyrite is by far the most common and the most often mistaken for gold. The notable difference is that Pyrite is much harder and more brittle than gold and cannot therefore be cut or shaped. Bulk Genuine Pyrite or"Fool's Gold' - 1 1b ...

We bought these for our Pirate Party and the pyrite (or "fools gold") were wonderful in the party favour bag. They glittered like gold as they all found their treasure. ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Iron Pyrite. May 10, 2013. Verified Purchase. This is a nice assortment of Pyrite. The photo does a nice job of depicting what one gets from good size ...

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Pyrite on white background, also known as iron pyrite and fools gold, is an iron sulfide with the chemical formula FeS2. Other names are brass, brazzle and Brazil. Dodecahedron shaped crystals.

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Pyrite, or iron pyrite - infamously known as "Fool's Gold" - is a shiny, brassy-gold mineral that is commonly mistaken for gold. It can have sparkling, mirror-bright luster, and forms in a vast variety of interesting crystal habits, which makes it extremely popular among mineral collectors.

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Pyrite, the mineral commonly called fool's gold, may have misled a number of gold miners over the years who confused it for the real thing, but a piece of good-quality pyrite is a must-have treasure for your feng shui collection of crystals and stones. Officially known as iron disulfide, pyrite is a ...

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Gold is a single element and a metal, but pyrite is a combination of two elements – the metal iron and the nonmetal sulfur. A good way to tell whether you've got real or fool's gold …

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Pyrite is much harder and more brittle, and it tarnishes to a dark brown. Fool's Gold is very common, and this has led to many people thinking they had discovered real gold over the years. Pyrite forms when hydrogen sulfide combines with iron.